Switch to a High-Efficiency Furnace

Switch to a High-Efficiency Furnace

Does a High-Efficiency Furnace Really Save You Money?

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money, particularly with their energy bills. Let’s face it; it’s pricey to heat your house. So when the time comes to upgrade their furnace, the main concern is: should you switch to a high-efficiency furnace?

Does a High-Efficiency Furnace Really Save You Money?

People are still looking for ways to save money, particularly during the winter. Let’s face it; it’s pricey to heat your house. So when the time comes to upgrade their furnace, the main concern is: should you switch to a high-efficiency furnace?

Our Sacramento HVAC contractors explain that you could save $2.50 a month – or more – on your energy bill. The best way to see if a high-efficiency furnace is worth it is to break down the numbers.

The Numbers

Let’s presume the average homeowner in Sacramento spends around $150 a month on heating and cooling, and your furnace has an Annual Fuel Consumption Efficiency (AFUE) of 80. This is typical with most furnaces bought more than 10 years ago.

The AFUE of 80 means that for every dollar you spend on heating, 20 cents is effectively being spent.

If you’re ready for a new furnace, upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace with an AFUE of 95, a standard rating for today’s furnaces, and just above the government-required AFUE of 90.

This amounts to around $22.50 a month of savings (15 percent of $150) when the furnace is in operation. It doesn’t seem like a lot when you sum it up over the years. Because a well-maintained furnace has a lifetime of 15 years or more, you can more than makeup for the higher initial costs of having a higher performance furnace.

Using resources and software to allow a more reliable estimation

Each home is a little different when it comes to heating costs, and the above figures have been measured on the basis of a set of numbers. In fact, some reports suggest you can save up to 40% on your heating bills. Our friends over at McQuillan Brothers, Twin cities heating and cooling company, have customers spending even more than that with freezing Minnesota temperatures. That’s why, regardless of where you live, you need to:

  • Use your gas bill and latest furnace knowledge for more precise estimates.
  • Speak to an experienced HVAC technician – they would be able to help answer any concerns you might have about the furnace itself.
  • Though money is certainly talking, the updated furnace promises more than just savings.

A New Furnace

A new furnace means that you’re going to be happy with your heating system this season.

With annual tune-ups and due maintenance, you’ll be able to relax peacefully at night ensuring that your furnace is one of the best, and you won’t wake up at 4 a.m. with no heat in-35 degree weather. For furnace maintenance in Sacramento, contact our experienced technicians today.

Your house is going to be quieter

Do you groan internally – or out loud – as the boiler kicks on, and brace yourself for rising noise levels? You’re not meant to be torn between your love of a warm house and your longing for silence.

High-quality furnaces are much louder, thanks to the technology strides forward! Once you add one, you’re not going to be interrupted any time it kicks in the gear.

You’re saving the Planet

High quality ensures that the new furnace can be a bit safer for the environment as well. Gilmore Heating, Air & Plumbing, the best Sacramento HVAC company, ensure that you’re going to feel good about making a more environmental decision.

Contact Gilmore About High-Efficiency Heaters Today

Once you have chosen to join the high-efficiency squad, you have to select the best high-efficiency furnace. We want to save you money, but we also want to make sure that the oven we’re installing is one that suits your house.

Come and speak to us about our many models open! We will help you pick the best option for your home.

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Weak Airflow in Home

Weak Airflow in Home - Sacramento HVAC

Five Common Causes of Weak Airflow

Think you may have weak airflow in your home? There are five common causes of weak airflow that many Sacramento homeowners experience. Read on to discover why this may be occuring in your home.

Five Common Causes of Weak Airflow at Home

At Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, we get tons of questions about room-to-room ventilation in homes. Sacramento homeowners can mix the warmth of a room with airflow.

There are several explanations why the airflow could be lower. Below, we’ll look at some of the more common problems that cause friction and instability in HVAC systems. Our Sacramento heating experts detail below.

Weak Airflow in Home - Sacramento HVAC

1. Dirty Furnace Filters

Think of dirty furnace filters as an example of friction. The thickness of the furnace filter should be taken into consideration when the ductwork is built. Then, the speed of the fan is adjusted. If the thickness is raised because the filter is polluted, it increases the pressure of the flowing air. Thus, this limits it and creates irregular or insufficient air distribution.

Indoor air quality is a widely contested concern in today’s world. The furnace filters are a big part of this discussion. They’re coming with the MERV ratings. The MERV value stands for Minimal Efficiency Reporting Value.

The MERV ranking varies from 1 to 16. The higher the MERV value on the filter, the fewer dust particles and other pollutants that can move through it. The MERV scale reflects the worst possible filter output in extracting particles from 0.3 to 10 microns in size (really small stuff!).

Some of the typical particles the filters are screened for include:

  • Pollen’s
  • Dust mite
  • Textile and carpet fiber
  • Spores of mold
  • Dust
  • Bacterium
  • Smoke with cigarettes

Residential Filters

Most residential systems can properly eliminate airborne pollutants with a filter graded as MERV 7 to 12. The higher the MERV rating, the smaller the pores are to allow air to flow into your furnace filter. Additionally, smaller pores can produce more airflow resistance than the device is built to accommodate, making it inefficient. This decrease in airflow will then create the same problems that the filter is supposed to solve. It will make indoor air quality worse and place a dangerous amount of pressure on your furnace or AC system fan.

So, whether you’re having trouble with the airflow of your furnace, or if you’re curious why your furnace doesn’t blast hard enough, make sure your system’s engine is rated to handle high MERV filters.

If this is not the case, you would need to adjust the filter on a daily basis (more so than for a standard filter) due to airflow constraints.

2. Crushed, Blocked, Poorly Mounted, and Disconnected Duct Runs 

This one may sound like a no-brainer, but we’re seeing it all the time. Each duct operating in a home should be built and constructed to carry a certain amount of air to a specified room. Additionally, anything that changes the configuration of the ductwork will also adjust the capacity to produce the right volume of air.

If the ductwork is built in a way that limits the flow of air, the region can never get the air it was intended to get. The longer the air has to fly, and the more twists and curves it has to go around. Thus, the more noise is produced. Then, the less likely it is to make it where it is supposed to go. Put in a collapsed or partly crushed sprint, twisted or kinked piece of flex, and you’re not going to get the air you’re expected to get.

Wondering how to maximize the flow of air to one room in your home? Are you living with no heat coming out of the vents in a room? Contact our Sacramento heating experts for an inspection of the HVAC system!

3. Leakage 

About 90% of homes in North America have air duct systems that contain small gaps and cracks. They reduce the level of comfort and raise the cost of heating and cooling.

The Energy Department informs us that the average duct device has about 35-50 percent leakage. This means that 35 to 50 per cent of the air expected to fly from the air handler. This then goes to a certain section of the home that would not make it to its intended location.

In the world of home energy conservation, this is always overlooked. The common explanation for this is that if the air spills inside the house, it’s not that much of a deal. This is because it’s still inside the air conditioning area and heating or cooling the home. This line of thinking just makes sense if you’re only concerned about the electricity you’ve wasted, not the warmth of the rooms you’re trying to heat and cool.

Additionally, that’s not to suggest that leakage outside the conditioned area doesn’t affect comfort. It sure does-in a big way! But the fact that air does not enter the planned rooms also impacts warmth, whether it escapes inside the house or not. Sealing a device from the inside out using a method known as Aeroseal will improve airflow by up to 50%!

Until all the air that the air handler is attempting to produce is accounted for, it is important to balance the duct system. As follows, this will ensure that each room receives the intended amount of air.

4. Not Enough Return Air

A traditional forced-air HVAC system is equipped with a closed-loop system. In an ideal world, a certain volume of air is created. As follows, that air is dispersed around the house, such that the same amount of air is returned from the home, conditioned, and then circulated.

Each region that absorbs a measured volume of air should also be able to return the same amount of air to the system. We worked with our friends over at McQuillan Brothers, St. Paul HVAC company, to determine how to tell if there isn’t enough return air. You can determine the return is not enough if:

  • The region is being pressurized.
  • The amount of air movement that can be obtained is reduced.
  • It’s a similar idea to blowing a straw: as long as all ends are open, you can blow as much air as the size of the straw allows. But as soon as one end is limited, the amount of air that can flow through the straw becomes limited. Close one end all the way, and the amount of air you will blow into becomes finite!

5. Undersized Systems or Ductwork 

Air travels into the ductwork and to its intended position, preserving the right static pressure. If the ductwork is too big, the air pressure will plummet, without finding its intended destination.

More often than not, however, the ductwork is too thin. This would cause a constraint to the extent that the measured volume of airflow does not reach its desired destination.

Contact A Profession HVAC Company

From blocked or leaky ducts to clogged filters and filthy coils, we’ve seen it all. If you have a problem with your air, you can rely on our Sacramento HVAC contractors to get to the root of your problems. We will produce affordable, consistent services.

We realize that low airflow is typically the result of one or more problems involving repair or Sacramento HVAC maintenance. With a competent inspection of heating and cooling, our technicians will fix your airflow in no time!

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How Drain Inspections Work

How do drain inspections work sacramento

How Drain Inspections Work?

Although it may not seem like it, drain lines & sewage pipes are some of the most significant aspects of your house. That’s why it is essential to get an annual drain inspection. Today on the blog, our Sacramento Plumbing Pros share how drain inspections work. 

The Importance of Drain Inspections

Although it does not seem like it, drain lines and sewage pipes are some of the most significant aspects of your house. This home function is designed to move the waste from your household to the municipal waste treatment facility. A non-functioning drain or pipe creates an unmitigated catastrophe. Unfortunately, that can put your or your family’s health at risk. Constant wear and tear on the drains and toilets will eventually lead to a split. Thus, it is also important that the pipes in your homes are periodically tested for potential problems. Many customers ask us, “How do drain inspections work?”

CCTV inspections using the latest technologies that can prevent emergencies from occurring. Inspection of the trenchless sewer camera would only need a limited access point or an open clean-up to be effective. A closed-circuit camera is connected to a long, flexible rod and is fed down the line to act as our eyes.

Drain cleaning company in Sacramento, Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, suggest that you get an annual sewer camera check if your home is at least 10 years old or older. Since most of the sewage lines are located deep underground, there is no way to tell whether or not there is an emerging epidemic. Although issues with the sewage line will occur regardless of whether or not your home is new or old, the risks are elevated with age. Thus, routine drain checks will keep the home safe as it ages. Our Sacramento plumbing company worked with Tureks Plumbing, plumbing company in Appleton, Wi, to compile this list. Today ont the blog, we share the many reasons why it is important to have an annual inspection, including:

Helps you save time

Clogging and leakage are problems related to pipelines that build up over time. A prompt inspection requires just a few hours of the day, which is safer than spending a full day of sewage pipe emergency rubble. Our Placerville plumbing contractors recommend an annual inspection.

How do drain inspections work sacramento

It’s saving you money

Here at Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, our Sacramento plumbers know that prevention is key. You can never wait before the mold emerges within the walls or the structural damage becomes evident before calling a trained technician. The current sewer camera monitoring technologies will show the exact cause of your sewer lines, cracks and gaps, and poorly constructed pipes. Inspections are going a long way. Thus, they will save you thousands of dollars in land valuation and pipeline maintenance.

Stop problems with the pipeline

Annual inspections are far more than simply inspecting the sewage line for clogging and organic build-up. Our skilled technicians can review the layout of your home. In turn, this will ensure that the device is stable as a whole. The slightest issues, such as leaks and sluggish sinks, create headaches and disruptions of their own. For your peace of mind, a drain inspection puts you at ease and helps you concentrate on the most important things of life.

At the slightest sign of drain issues, you should not hesitate to call the experts. This is true especially if you’ve never had an inspection before. Slow-draining or sluggish toilets can mean clogging that can damage the whole sewage line one day. Call Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing to hear more about how drain inspections work!

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The Gilmore Guarantees

The Gilmore Guarantees El Dorado Hills

The Gilmore Guarantees

At Gilmore, our team knows that problems with an HVAC or Plumbing system can be overwhelming to homeowners. That’s why it is our goal to let our customers know that they are always in good hands with Gilmore. We demonstrate this by implementing our Gilmore Guarantees at every appointment.


John Gilmore started Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing to provide customers with the best possible service in the Sacramento Valley. At Gilmore, the best heating company in Sacramento, employees know that problems with an HVAC or plumbing system can be overwhelming. Thus, our goal is to let customers know that they are the most important aspect of all the work we do. That’s why we offer the Gilmore Guarantees to our customers so that they know they’re always in good hands.

The Gilmore Guarantees El Dorado Hills


Before he opened Gilmore, John graduated from Los Angeles Technical College with a degree in air conditioning technology. Then, he immediately went to work on the construction of heating and air conditioning systems for a major HVAC corporation in Southern California. Next, he climbed to the rank of Vice President of Operations in the next few years.

John moved to help develop and run a new SoCal HVAC company, Licensed Air & Heating, in 1972. At the time, he helped it develop into one of the largest service and replacement companies in the world. In 1973, he opened his own heating and air conditioning company in Glendale, CA.

In 1979, John also opened Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, Sacramento HVAC company. From the ground up, he built a reliable, well-known, well-loved company. John’s son Darrin now follows his father’s footsteps.

Gilmore implemented the Gilmore Guarantees to show customers they’re in good hands. When you contact us, one of our heating specialists will come to your house, analyze your machine, and then sit down and consider your options. If you want to upgrade your system, you can believe that thanks to our Gilmore Guarantees, we can deliver on our promises:


We guarantee the accuracy of the workmanship to be competent and in compliance with the requirements set by the manufacturer. If additional installation service due to the initial installation of your heating and air is required over the life of your system, we will return and offer this service at no cost to you for as long as you own the system.


Our installation technicians are the finest in expertise, attitude, and craftsmanship. They’re going to take care of your home and finish the job with pace and accuracy. They wear floor savers, COVID-19 friendly masks, tidy up when they’re done, and take personal responsibility for your satisfaction. They’re friendly, courteous, and they’re not going to smoke or curse in your house.


Simply submit a written quotation from a licensed contractor for 1st quality goods dated within 20 days of ordering. As follows, we will provide you with a free, detailed review of their pricing and services. Our price guarantee is our pledge that you will not be able to find a similar facility from start to finish for less, or we will beat it by $250!


Both properties such as lawns, shrubs, carpets, floors, walls, furniture, and door frames are covered. Thus, damaged assets can be demolished or restored. Protective floor savers and hall runners can be used in both function and traffic fields.


Need a home service today? Contact our experienced HVAC Technicians & Plumbing Professionals. We are all about your home comfort and will use our four guarantees to ensure you the best service in the Sacramento Valley.

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