8 Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems

Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems Sacramento Homeowners May Be Facing

Some of the common heating and air conditioning problems don’t need more than a little cleaning and adjusting here and there. Others have the potential to morph into serious problems if prompt professional attention isn’t available to resolve them quickly. Here are some of the most common heating and air conditioning problems that the experts at Gilmore Heating and Air in Sacramento have encountered over the decades.

Dirty Air Filters

One of the simplest and yet very important HVAC maintenance tasks is replacing the air filters in your home on a regular basis. When the furnace or air filter is clogged with dirt, the HVAC unit will do a lot more work to force conditioned air through that dirty filter. You would be surprised how quickly your filter can build up with debris.

That extra work done by the unit puts a strain on the system and results in a higher energy bill as well. Gilmore HVAC technicians warn that if dirty furnace filters aren’t replaced in a timely manner, the blower will be overstrained and the furnace may overheat. It is important for you to adhere to the air filter replacement schedule so you avert all the problems that can result when dirty filters stay for too long.

To get a customized filter-replacement schedule, contact Gilmore Heating and Air so that our team can assess the specific conditions in your home before recommending the best interval at which to switch out the filters. Different conditions in homes can vary from having furry pets, living in an overly dusty area, and more.

Ignition or Pilot Problems

A defective flame sensor or burner, or even a dirty pilot can all cause the furnace ignition to malfunction. The furnace may also short cycle, lockout or perform abnormally when these problems exist. A trained Folsom HVAC service professional will be needed to check the system and identify the specific defect so that the most appropriate remedy can be implemented. Don’t delay to call Gilmore Heating and Air since the problem may escalate and necessitate HVAC replacement.

Thermostat Defects

Sacramento HVAC technicians have traced a significant number of AC problems to a malfunctioning thermostat, so it might be worthwhile for you to read the manual of your thermostat and troubleshoot any issues it may have before calling a technician for help. At Gilmore Heating and Air, we would like to keep your Folsom AC service costs minimal, so we urge you to confirm that the defect is beyond your ability to fix before you call us for help.

HVAC System Wear and Tear

The heating system has several mechanical components, any of which can malfunction. Normal wear and tear can also take a toll on the system components, such as the belts and bearings. Folsom AC service includes checking all those belts, bearings and motors to confirm that everything is as it should be.

HVAC System airflow issues, overheating or poor heating can result when the mechanical components don’t get the professional attention that they need, so make it a point to have your HVAC system tune-up completed annually by a team from Gilmore Heating and Air.
Abnormal Furnace Noises

Under normal circumstances, your furnace will emit some sounds as it is working. For this reason, the sounds that you should be concerned about are the unusual ones that develop.

For example, HVAC repair technicians in Folsom say that when a furnace starts squealing or whining, the bearings in the blower or inducer motor may be worn and are about to fail. Dirty burners and airflow problems also have the potential to trigger unusual noises.
It is prudent for you to reach out to Gilmore Heating and Air for help as soon as you hear any abnormal noises coming from your furnace. This prompt action will address the problem before it gets worse and compels you to replace your HVAC unit prematurely.

Tripped Breakers or Blown Fuses

When the furnace blower is working more than it should, it will draw more current than normal, or it may overheat. This may cause a fuse to blow or a circuit breaker to trip. Experienced HVAC replacement experts in Folsom say that the most common reason behind this is a dirty filter.
It is therefore imperative to check and replace a dirty filter before you reset a tripped breaker. If the breaker trips again, call Gilmore Heating and Air so that one of our professionals can take a look. Leaking ducts, blocked air registers and other issues may be the reason why the breaker is tripping repeatedly.

Dirty Evaporator or Condenser Coils

If your HVAC system hasn’t been serviced as regularly as it should, there is a high likelihood that its efficiency has dropped. As the dirt accumulates, the evaporator and condenser coils will be subjected to a higher rate of wear and tear.
One way to prevent this from happening is by shutting off the power to the outdoor unit and then using a garden hose to clean the coils. As for the indoor evaporator coil, you are better off calling an HVAC repair professional from Gilmore Heating and Air.

Water Leaks

High-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners produce condensate, and that is why these appliances have drain pipes to remove this water. If the drain lines are clogged or cracked, water will leak from the furnace or AC.

You can keep these drain lines clean and free from clogs by periodically running bleach through them. However, experienced HVAC replacement technicians caution that not all water leaks can be attributed to clogged or damaged drain lines. Water leaks may also result from a defect in the evaporator, the heat exchanger drain pan, or even the collector box. A Folsom AC service professional can take a look and ensure that the leak is traced to its source and is fixed before the AC and your home suffers water damage.

Many of the problems above can be prevented or addressed promptly if a professional services the HVAC system regularly. Contact Gilmore Heating and Air if you, too, would like to benefit from a team of seasoned professionals who take pride in keeping heat furnaces and air conditioners working efficiently and reliably. We will gladly partner with you to protect your investment!