Do I Need Drain-Cleaning Services?

Is your home drainage system working properly? If not, you may be asking yourself: do I need drain-cleaning services? Our Drain & Sewer Experts share the most common, tell-tale signs that you should hire a drain cleaning service. Visit our blog to learn more!

Do I Need Drain-Cleaning Services?

Is your home drainage system working properly? If not, you may be asking yourself: do I need drain-cleaning services?

The drainage system in your home is supposed to get rid of waste material from daily living. This waste material could prove harmful to you and your family if not disposed of correctly. A properly functioning drainage system shields you from all these troubles. 

However every now and then, your drainage system will require some cleaning from a plumbing contractor Sacramento. This will ensure that it remains clean and ready to get rid of these waste materials from your sinks and toilets. 

Today on the blog, Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing share how can you tell that your drainage system may need a cleaning. Below are some of the most common tell-tale signs that you should hire a drain cleaning service Sacramento.

Do I Need Drain-Cleaning Services?

Overflowing Toilets  

This is usually a nasty and unhygienic event that could lead to health problems if not addressed immediately. While it is common for a toilet to overflow every now and then, especially in a house with many occupants, frequent overflows are an indication that your drainage requires attention from an emergency plumber in Sacramento

Water Backing Up 

You might notice water coming back up through your shower drain or sink after you flush your toilet, or use water in your home. This is yet another unsanitary situation that requires immediate attention. By looking up a plumber near me, you are guaranteed to find someone who will look into your drain and deal with any potential clogs. 

Bad Odors 

Bad odors are uncomfortable and should be dealt with immediately. Usually, a problematic drain will let water stay and start producing a funky odor that is usually unmistakable. You are likely to catch a whiff of this funky smell from your sink, shower, or yard. This is an indication of a problematic drain that should be cleaned immediately. 

Water Puddles in your Yard 

Unless it rained recently or someone poured water on your yard, there is hardly any reason why there should be puddles in your yard. Unless, of course, they are coming from a blocked drainage system. This usually happens when the sewer blocks and has to let off the excess water. 

 Such puddles are usually an indication of a big problem in your plumbing lines and should be dealt with immediately. It is also important to fix such issues early because it prevents other people from stepping on the puddles as they move in and out of the house. Also, the water might damage your yard and lead to additional costs. 

Slow draining on kitchen and bathroom drains 

This is one of the most common problems with many homes. You might notice this when using the sink. The water will take a considerably long time to clear out instead of draining away immediately. This can happen sometimes from clogged drains from hair, food, or other buildup. 

However, in some cases, the water might even take as long as one hour to clear out. This is an indication of a blocked drainage system that requires cleaning from a plumbing company.

Getting Drain Cleaning Service near Me 

Handling a clogged drain with the urgency required is one of the best ways to keep your home systems running smoothly. It also saves you a lot of money because then the problems do not grow. Call Gilmore Heating Air and Plumbing today and enjoy the best drain cleaning services for your home. We also offer Sacramento toilet repair and trenchless sewer repair to assist all of your plumbing needs.

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