How Drain Inspections Work?

Although it may not seem like it, drain lines & sewage pipes are some of the most significant aspects of your house. That’s why it is essential to get an annual drain inspection. Today on the blog, our Sacramento Plumbing Pros share how drain inspections work. 

The Importance of Drain Inspections

Although it does not seem like it, drain lines and sewage pipes are some of the most significant aspects of your house. This home function is designed to move the waste from your household to the municipal waste treatment facility. A non-functioning drain or pipe creates an unmitigated catastrophe. Unfortunately, that can put your or your family’s health at risk. Constant wear and tear on the drains and toilets will eventually lead to a split. Thus, it is also important that the pipes in your homes are periodically tested for potential problems. Many customers ask us, “How do drain inspections work?”

CCTV inspections using the latest technologies that can prevent emergencies from occurring. Inspection of the trenchless sewer camera would only need a limited access point or an open clean-up to be effective. A closed-circuit camera is connected to a long, flexible rod and is fed down the line to act as our eyes.

Drain cleaning company in Sacramento, Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, suggest that you get an annual sewer camera check if your home is at least 10 years old or older. Since most of the sewage lines are located deep underground, there is no way to tell whether or not there is an emerging epidemic. Although issues with the sewage line will occur regardless of whether or not your home is new or old, the risks are elevated with age. Thus, routine drain checks will keep the home safe as it ages. Our Sacramento plumbing company compiled this list. Today on the blog, we share the many reasons why it is important to have an annual inspection, including:

Helps you save time

Clogging and leakage are problems related to pipelines that build up over time. A prompt inspection requires just a few hours of the day, which is safer than spending a full day of sewage pipe emergency rubble. Our Placerville plumbing contractors recommend an annual inspection.

How do drain inspections work sacramento

It’s saving you money

Here at Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, our Sacramento plumbers know that prevention is key. You can never wait before the mold emerges within the walls or the structural damage becomes evident before calling a trained technician. The current sewer camera monitoring technologies will show the exact cause of your sewer lines, cracks and gaps, and poorly constructed pipes. Inspections are going a long way. Thus, they will save you thousands of dollars in land valuation and pipeline maintenance.

Stop problems with the pipeline

Annual inspections are far more than simply inspecting the sewage line for clogging and organic build-up. Our skilled technicians can review the layout of your home. In turn, this will ensure that the device is stable as a whole. The slightest issues, such as leaks and sluggish sinks, create headaches and disruptions of their own. For your peace of mind, a drain inspection puts you at ease and helps you concentrate on the most important things of life.

At the slightest sign of drain issues, you should not hesitate to call the experts. This is true especially if you’ve never had an inspection before. Slow-draining or sluggish toilets can mean clogging that can damage the whole sewage line one day. Call Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing to hear more about how drain inspections work!

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