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When you’re entertaining, you welcome guests into your house for family dinners, football games, and overnight stays. As a good host, you must make sure they will be comfortable when visiting. Today on the blog, we share Sacramento HVAC Tips for the holidays.

Sacramento HVAC Tips to Get You Through The Holidays

Entertaining for the holidays? It’s important to make sure that your home and HVAC system are ready for your guests. Our Sacramento Heating company shares some tips to get your home ready for entertaining.

Examine HVAC Filters

Improve the quality of your interior air for your guests, particularly those who have allergies or asthma. A clogged air filter has a more difficult time eliminating pollutants from your home’s indoor air (contaminants like dust mites, mold, pet dander, dead skin, allergens, viruses and more). Additionally, our Sacramento furnace replacement specialists share that this also inhibits airflow, causing the entire HVAC system to work harder and less effectively. It is advisable to clean or replace your air filter every 30-90 days, depending on the type of air filter you use and how frequently your system operates.

Clean Your Home

This may sound apparent, but cleaning your house is about more than simply making it look neat to visitors. It is also about enhancing the quality of your interior air for your visitors. We carry allergies into our homes in a variety of ways, including the soles of our shoes, our clothes, the hair of our dogs, our children, and our coats, to mention a few. Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, and washing laundry will help to remove as many allergens as possible. Furthermore, using natural or fragrance-free cleaning solutions is ideal for your home’s indoor air quality.

Reduce the temperature on your thermostat.

With company in the house and the oven cooking great meals for everyone, your house will undoubtedly heat up. Anticipate this and adjust the thermostat down a few degrees to make it more pleasant for your visitors inside. You can arrange this temperature adjustment if you have a programmable thermostat. Also, warm blankets should be available for visitors who may become cold if the temperature is reduced.

Repair any air leaks.

Additionally, our Sacramento furnace repair experts explain that you should examine your home’s windows and doors for drafts. Caulking and weatherstripping are easy, efficient DIY options for sealing things off, which not only improves the performance of your HVAC system but also decreases your energy expenditure. More advice on how to plug air leaks may be found here.

Schedule Sacramento Furnace Tune-Up

You don’t want a problem with your HVAC system when you have friends around for the holidays! Even if everything is in working order, this type of preventative maintenance is essential for the life of your HVAC system, addressing any problems before they become costly repairs or replacements.
We recommend having a professional inspect your HVAC system twice a year (in the spring before using the air conditioner for the first time and in the fall before using the furnace for the first time). During a maintenance appointment, our NATE-certified specialists check that your HVAC system is in good working order. The technician is going to:

  • Examine the unit and its wiring; clean and lubricate all unit components as necessary.
  • Examine the gasoline line and the fuel levels.
  • Calibrate the pressure in the fuel line and test the pilot light.
  • Clean the whole fuel line and pilot light system.
  • Calibrate the unit to ensure that it offers dependable and effective service.

Get Any Plumbing Repairs Out of the Way

You need peace of mind before your holiday visitors come. In addition to ensuring that your HVAC System is running smoothly, you should also check your plumbing systems. Note that it is always good to get an annual plumbing inspection around the holidays.

Get Holiday Ready With Gilmore Today

Ensure that your HVAC system is operational so that they are comfortable during their stay. Contact us today for additional information or to set up an appointment for Sacramento HVAC maintenance.

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