3 Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar panels take the free power of the sun and turns its radiation into energy. This solar energy offers a number of benefits for both homeowners in Placerville as well as the environment. The following are three key ones to know about:

1. Low Maintenance Cost

Like other home systems, solar panels require an upfront investment. However, once they are installed keeping them maintained is relatively simple and low cost. They only need to be cleaned a couple of times each year. The inverter needs to be changed about 5 or 10 years.

2. Reduces Your Energy Use

Using solar energy means that some of your home or business’s energy needs will be met by the electricity generated by the solar energy system. This, in turn, means that your energy use will decline so your electric bills will go down.

The amount of money that you save on your electricity bill is going to depend on a number of factors. Two of the most important of those were the amount of electricity that you use and the size of your solar energy system.

Another important aspect of solar energy that helps to reduce your electricity bills is that if your solar energy system generates more electricity than you can use, the surplus can be exported to the grid if your system is connected to it. This means that you’ll receive bonus payments. It’s also possible if you sell the excess electricity at high rates and purchase the electricity you need at the lower rates.

3. It’s Renewable

Solar energy is a truly unique and environmentally-friendly energy source in that it is completely renewable. Not only is it available every day of the year, but it can also be harnessed in any area of the world. It’s not possible to run out of solar energy as long as the earth is orbiting the sun.

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