How Much Energy Can Solar Panels Create?

If you have ever seriously considered installing solar panels on your home or business, you’ve probably wondered about the power output of this investment. So how much power does a solar panel produce? The answer to this question determines how much you can generate and how many panels you’ll need to buy.

The Power Output of a Single Solar Panel

The power generated by a solar panel depends on how much wattage a panel creates per hour and how many hours of sunlight it receives. Typical solar panels on the market today will produce between 250 and 400 watts per hour. To calculate the power produced during a day, you’ll need to multiply the panel’s hourly power by the number of hours of sunlight it receives. A 250-watt panel that gets six hours of direct sun in a day produces 1,500 watt-hours of power, or 1.5 kilowatt-hours.

Other Factors That Contribute to Power Output

The above example assumes that the solar panel gets direct, uninterrupted sunlight at its ideal operating temperature. Environment factors like extremely hot or cold temperatures will change the amount of power produced a small amount. More impact is made by the weather. Regions that have frequent cloudy days will reduce the output quite a bit because the solar panels won’t receive as much sunlight.

How to Plan Your Solar Power Needs

The key to planning how many solar panels to install for your property is averaging. You’ll also need to determine how many panels you can fit on your building. You can’t predict exactly how much power you’ll produce every day because you don’t have control over the weather. However, you can budget for a baseline of power production to cover some of your power needs and sell the excess to your local power company.

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