Learn How to Go Solar

Gilmore Heating, Air and Solar has been serving the Greater Sacramento area for more than 40 years. Our team has helped many area homeowners upgrade to solar technologies. We have also found that many homeowners want to go solar but are not really sure how to begin. That’s why we want to explain how the process works.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit

If you have not had one conducted recently, a home energy assessment is a great place to start, and many companies in our industry provide them at no charge and without obligation. The goal of going solar is to be as energy-efficient as possible. The ideal is to collect as much energy as you expend. Therefore, it really helps to ensure that certain aspects of your home are as energy-efficient as possible. These areas include:

  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation

Assess Your Energy Consumption

Once your home is as energy-efficient as possible, it is time to look at how much energy you are consuming. Your local solar experts can help you with this as well. If you are using more than you would like, you can consider strategies to lessen your draw. Once you are satisfied with how much you will need on a regular basis, you can consider the various technologies available to you.

Sizing Your System and Thinking Ahead

After you have decided on a system, you can consider sizing the equipment to your needs. How much energy will you depend on from the solar panels? Do you want to live completely disconnected from the grid? You should also look ahead as well. Depending on your budget, it is often possible to start small and expand as you move forward and those energy savings accumulate.

Professional Solar Services and More

Gilmore Heating, Air and Solar in Placerville can assist you with all things solar. Our company also offers a full range of heating, cooling, and plumbing services. Contact us online through our website or call us with any questions you may have.