New Solar Technologies for 2020

Existing solar technology has already proven itself beneficial, and global demand for solar power continues to inspire researchers to greater advances. Newly developed materials will increase the efficiency of converting sunshine to electricity and expand applications for solar power production.

Third-Generation Perovskites Solar Cells

Researchers looking for materials that will exceed the efficiency of silicon-based panels have met success with calcium titanium oxide solar cells. Known as perovskites solar cells, this material works in very thin formats. Ultra-thin solar collecting films will make it possible to install solar without using thick panels.

Solar Roof Tiles

Although known for electric cars, Tesla has also created solar shingles and roof panels. The company’s innovative use of photovoltaic technology will help solar installations blend seamlessly with a home’s architecture.

Solar Windows

Thin-film solar technology can transform windows into solar energy producers. Skyscrapers with windows coated in the clear solar film will make their own clean energy on-site.

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Smaller Solar Panels

New silicon chip designs that manage solar thermal cycling have improved panel efficiency. Known as split cell solar modules, these panels only need about half of the space of a typical solar panel. This innovation makes it possible to collect solar energy in small spaces or greatly increase the energy output per square foot.

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