Will Solar Panels Survive Severe Weather?

People install solar panels on the tops of their homes for many purposes. Increases in energy efficiency and even property equity are possible. Ultimately, homeowners invest in solar panel installations with the hope things pay off. Unfortunately, not everything is within the control of the homeowner. The weather, in particular, can be unkind. Does harsh weather represent a threat to solar panels? Risks exist, but they might not be as bad as you think.

The Value of Quality Construction

Manufacturing quality factors into durability. Manufacturers know the panels rest on top of roofs exposed to the elements. Depending upon where you live, weather can be extreme. Enormously high winds and heavy snowfall may hammer solar panels mercilessly. Realizing the threats the panels face, manufacturers designed them to handle incredibly high winds. Even winds over 100 mph might not cause damage. In addition to panel durability, the installation system is a major factor in how well the panels resist wind.

Be a smart consumer when in the market for solar panels. Read up on the different manufacturers and find out which ones produce the most durable units. The better the construction, the higher the chance they’ll handle bad weather.

Concerns on a Cloudy Day

For solar panels to work effectively, they must capture sunlight for conversion to electricity. On a bright day, the panels won’t run short of the sun’s rays. When clouds block the sun, however, things change slightly. The solar panels rely on a lesser amount of light. The available sunlight should be enough to provide power.

Those unfamiliar with solar power might not realize connecting them to backup batteries is possible. Converted electricity finds its way to connected batteries. Unless the cells experience a complete drain, they have some power in them. If you want to know more about how solar panels work, the team at Gilmore Heating Air & Solar is available to answer questions.

Speak With a Repair Pro

If disaster strikes and the panels suffer damage, complete repair may be possible. Don’t assume the worst after a weather emergency. Wait until a technician checks things out.

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