How to Lower Your AC Bill

With summer just around the corner, you’re probably looking forward to a variety of things, such as trips, warm weather, and outdoor activities. A large air conditioning bill, on the other hand, is probably not something you’re looking forward to. Fortunately, our Sacramento HVAC Pros explains there are certain steps you may do to avoid this from happening. 

How To Lower Your AC Bill For Summer

With just a few simple tips, you can really make an impact on your overall AC Bill. Today on the blog, our Residential AC Maintenance Sacramento Company explains the little changes you can make at home to lower your AC Bill for summer.

Ways to lower your AC BIll

Top 5 Recommendations to Lower Your AC Bill

Between air filters, changing your curtains, and more, you can really make an impact on your bill. Below, we share our top recommendations:

1) Change the air filter in your HVAC system.

Your home’s HVAC system includes its own air filter, which prevents dust from clogging your air vents and increases air circulation. As follows, a clogged HVAC air filter can force your AC to work harder just to circulate air and cool your home. Our AC Company Sacramento reminds homeowners that replacing your AC filters every few months can help your air conditioner function more efficiently and keep your air conditioning bills low. 

2) Set up a smart thermostat.

Programmable smart thermostats let you control the temperature in your home for specific times, such as when you’re at wor. Additionally, this can significantly reduce your air conditioning bill. According to the Department of Energy, simply altering the temperature in your home by 10 degrees for eight hours each day can reduce your energy bill by ten percent a year. Thus, if you have a smart thermostat, you can automate this process. Many of them even have applications that you can use to set your thermostat when you’re not at home. Additionally, smart thermostats under $50 can help you save money on your AC cost without making a large investment.

3) Seal Your Ductwork

You may not realize it, but your home’s duct system and air vents may have cracks and holes that allow the air conditioning to escape before it reaches the rooms. This is one of the first thing their customers do to really make sure their HVAC systems are working to the fullest potential in both summer and winter. At Gilmore, we will seal these gaps and holes, ensuring that your air stays where you can feel it. You can even watch real-time results as we seal these cracks.  As a result, your next air conditioning cost should be significantly lower!

4) Limit the amount of sunlight in your home.

When too much sunshine enters your home through your windows, it can quickly heat up. Installing sunshine-blocking drapes, shades, or blinds can help to reduce the amount of sunshine that enters your home through your windows. Another option is to grow shade trees near your windows outside your home to block direct sunlight.

5) Insulate Your Residence

There may be undetected cracks in crawl spaces, attics, and even in the walls. Air can readily escape through these openings, causing you to air condition the outside of your home rather than the inside, raising your energy expenditure. Insulating your home can solve this problem and enhance its energy efficiency. While this is a do-it-yourself project, having it properly done is worth the expense and the lower energy costs that will result from it.

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