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Dangers of Not Fixing an Air Conditioner

Dangers of Not Fixing an Air Conditioner

When an air conditioner doesn’t work properly, people become frustrated. Their frustration grows when they think about spending money on repair work. While worries about cash flow are understandable, also realize that a failing air conditioner presents hazards. Some dangers are serious ones.


A Faulty Air Conditioner Can Cause a Fire

Any electronic device that isn’t working properly may present a fire hazard. Air conditioners that spark or make crackling sounds are likely indicating a high risk for causing a fire. Some fire threats may not be noticeable to someone who doesn’t work with air conditioners and their wiring. Take that as a reason why calling in a repair pro makes sense. Gilmore Heating Air & Plumbing⁣ has provided air conditioning repair services in Placerville, CA, since 1979.

Folsom CA Dangers of Not Fixing an Air Conditioner

The Air Conditioner Might Trip the Circuit Breaker

Once a malfunctioning air conditioner takes out the breaker, all the other electrical devices in the house can go out. Loss of electrical power could put you and family members at risk when reliant on a device plugged into an outlet. What if flipping the breaker switch doesn’t turn everything back on right away, if at all?

The Interior Becomes Blazing Hot

Without a steady supply of cold air, a home’s interior temperature goes up. Staying in the house could become more than uncomfortable. People exposed to excessively hot conditions may face threats to their health. An air conditioner doesn’t need to go entirely out to create a hazardous situation. Decreased performance may be all that’s required for the temperature to skyrocket.

The Electric Bills Go Up

You won’t save much money if the trade-off to delaying repairs means higher electrical bills. An old, faulty air conditioner can turn out to be a shocking drain on your power. A minor fix might lead to more efficient performance and a lower electric bill.

Don’t suffer any troubles with a broken air conditioner. If you live in the Sacramento area, call up Gilmore Heating Air & Plumbing⁣ to request a fix. In addition to HVAC services, Gilmore Heating Air & Plumbing⁣ also offers plumbing services.

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