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Heating Maintenance in the Sacramento Valley

To ensure your heating system stands the test of time, invest in regular maintenance. While it does cost you money, you will be nurturing your current unit and protecting it from sudden malfunctions or breakdowns. At Gilmore, we are upfront about our process and price, and are dedicated to assisting you how you see fit. Contact us today to schedule your annual heating maintenance service in Sacramento, California.
Heating maintenance services Sacramento CA

Our Heating Maintenance Checklist

When you hire us for your annual tune-ups, you will be happy to know that we follow a tested and trusted method that leaves no stone unturned. During a routine maintenance appointment, you can expect our team to:

  • Check for loose parts
  • Clean surfaces inside and outside of the unit
  • Ensure efficient operation
  • Verify thermostat accuracy

Regular maintenance of your heating system helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly replacements in the future. If we notice anything wrong with your heating system, we can promptly repair the problem for you at a reasonable cost.

Benefits of Regular Heating Maintenance

Having a professional technician regularly maintain your furnace or other heating systems, you will notice many benefits. By enlisting in our heating maintenance services in Sacramento, you will notice the following:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: When your unit runs properly, it will use less energy, preventing damage and system failures.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Due to the decrease in energy consumption, you will spend less on monthly energy bills.
  • Extended Lifespan: Since your heating system is regularly checked for damage, you will ward off any repairs or replacements in the future.
  • Maintains Warranty: Many manufacturers require maintenance if you want them to honor their warranty. Doing this will save you more money by having the warranty cover the cost of any repairs.

Reach Out to Us Today

Investing in heating maintenance can save you money in the long run. From warding off repairs and replacements to lowering your monthly energy bills, we will ensure the longevity of your heating system. We also offer cost-effective coupons so you get the services that you need and deserve.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to take care of your heating system. Save money for the future by scheduling a heating tune-up in Sacramento, California. Contact us today at 833-444-3141 and schedule a time for our technicians to meet with you and check out your heating system.

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We guarantee the quality of workmanship to be professional and in keeping with standards set by the manufacturer. Should further installation service attributable to the original installation of your heating and air be required during the life of your system, we will return and provide that service at no cost to you for as long as you own the system.


All property such as lawns, shrubbery, carpeting, floors, walls, furniture, and door frames are protected. Damaged property will be replaced or repaired. Protective floor savers and hall runners will be used on all work and traffic areas.


Simply provide a licensed contractor’s written quote on 1st quality products dated within 20 days before placing an order, and we will give you a free, comprehensive analysis of their prices and services. Our price guarantee is our promise that you cannot find a comparable installation from beginning to end for less, or we’ll beat it by $250!


Our installation technicians are the best in skill, attitude, and workmanship. They will care for your home and complete the job with speed and precision. They wear floor savers, clean up when they are finished, and take personal responsibility for your satisfaction. They are polite, courteous and will not smoke or swear in your home.