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Steps to Dog Proof Your HVAC System

3 Steps to Dog-Proof Your HVAC System

Dog-proofing your HVAC system isn’t only forPlumbing⁣ the unit itself but also for your pet. The components of your heating and cooling units can present hazards for your furry friend. Luckily, taking a few simple steps can keep both your HVAC system and your dog out of harm’s way. At Gilmore, we suggest that our dog-owning customers in Placerville, CA, check out these three steps you can take to dog-proof your HVAC system.

1. Wrap Your Wiring

Gnawing on wires that have electrical current running through them is dangerous for your dog. But even if your dog can get through a chewing fest with the HVAC wiring without consequences, your system can incur costly damage. A simple solution is to wrap your HVAC system’s wiring with a material that will ensure your dog’s teeth cannot get through. One option is to use metal conduit tubes. Another solution is to keep wiring out of your dog’s reach by affixing it high up along the wall.

2. Fence in Your HVAC System

Other than wiring, a dog can damage grates and other HVAC system components by chewing on them or spraying them with their urine. You can keep your canine companion away from trouble by installing fencing around key areas. You can find indoor fencing options online that are sturdy enough to keep your dog away from your HVAC system while not blocking airflow to the unit.

3. Clean Vents and Change Air Filters

Finally, looking out for dog hair that has accumulated in your HVAC system should be a primary concern. Dogs shed their fur and the loose hairs can cause blockages in vents and air filters. Be mindful of dog hair that can gather around vents and replace your air filters regularly. This may require more frequent replacement than a home without pets. If you are in the Placerville, CA, area, schedule an appointment with Gilmore today and have one of our friendly experts show you everything you need to keep your HVAC system clean and efficient.