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AC Turning On Off Repeatedly

If your central air conditioning system is intermittently turning on and off, we understand your frustration, especially in hot Sacramento summer months. Today on the blog, our Sacramento HVAC Company discusses what to do when your AC is turning on off repeatedly. 

Being comfortable throughout the summer months in Sacramento is essential. So, if your AC turning on off repeatedly starts to occur, you may be what causes this. Below, our Sacramento HVAC Company shares reasons why an HVAC unit would switch on and off frequently. 

AC Turning On Off Repeatedly

1. Your Thermostat’s Location

Our Heating and Air Conditioning company Sacramento CA explains that your thermostat might be at an inconvenient location. Because your thermostat transmits “on” and “off” signals to the unit dependent on the temperature outside, it cannot be placed near a few things. This includes a supply air vent or a warm sunny window. As follows, if the the thermostat is confused about the real temperature in your house, it will force the unit to switch on and off more frequently.

2. Refrigerant Issues

Your system’s refrigerant levels may be too low. Thus, this coolant is critical for absorbing heat and cooling air, a lack of it causes the compressor pressure levels to become unstable, forcing it to switch on and off frequently. As a result, this can cause serious damage to your unit. As follows, if you discover a refrigerant leak, have it repaired as soon as possible.

3. Your AC Is Too Big

Your home’s air conditioning system may be greater than necessary. However, it may appear strange, but if an AC system is too large for a home, it just cools off the entire house rapidly. As follows, this shut down immediately after coming on. This may appear to be a positive thing, but it might raise your power cost and increase the likelihood of a breakdown. A Sacramento HVAC technician may do a quick examination to discover if the size of your AC unit is a concern.

4. Restrictions on Airflow

Dirty air filters are the number one cause for air flow restrictions. First, when an air filter limits airflow, the evaporator coil might freeze, forcing the unit to cycle on and off.  However, if your air conditioner is always running in the summer, you may want to do this more frequently. 

5 .The Thermostat Isn’t Working

Your thermostat serves as the central control for your home’s heating and cooling system and, if not properly maintained, can develop difficulties over time. Thermostats might offer incorrect temperature data, provide inconsistent signals, or fail to detect suitable temperatures. If your home’s comfort system has been inconsistent, you may benefit from a new thermostat that communicates more efficiently with your air conditioning system. Contact Gilmore today for AC Repair Sacramento

6. Your Condenser Coils are Clogged

Condenser coils are more exposed to the weather than any other component of your AC since they are outside of the property. Thus, if they are not maintained on a regular basis, they will get caked with dirt and dust. Additionally, if a condenser accumulates a heavy layer of dirt, it may struggle to complete heat exchanges. This accumulation of heat drawn from within the home can cause overheating. As follows, it forces your air conditioner to shut down and perhaps leading to a catastrophic collapse.

7. Air Conditioner Electrical Issues

Unfortunately, there are a few areas where electrical problems might cause your AC to cycle on and off. However, testing electrical connections may be difficult and dangerous for the inexperienced individual unless you have the necessary expertise and equipment. Thus, we recommend contacting a certified electrical company to assist.

What to Do If Your A/C Isn’t Staying On

If fixing air conditioning problems isn’t your thing, we’ll gladly assist you in getting your system back up and running. As follows, putting off issues until it’s too late might wind up costing you far more than initial maintenance. To make an appointment with one of our professional HVAC contractors, please contact our team.