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Can Poor Indoor Air Quality Affect Your Health?

Can Poor Indoor Air Quality Affect Your Health?

In the Sacramento area, Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing⁣ is the place to call when you need help with your home comfort. However, there is more to a comfortable home than the temperature reading on the thermostat. If your home has compromised air quality, it can have serious effects on the health of your family members.


Pollen, Mold and Dust Mites

These common household irritants can be found in just about every home depending on the season. For people who struggle with allergies, they can cause symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing and coughing. You can remove pollen grains from the air by upgrading the filter on your heating system. Mold and dust mites thrive in a humid environment. Installing equipment to keep your humidity at a controlled level will lower their population.

Can Poor Indoor Air Quality Affect Your Health

Volatile Organic Compounds

There are many sources of organic compounds in your home air. Cleaning and beauty products release them in the bathroom. Cooking with oil can produce microdroplets in the kitchen. The natural breakdown of paint and plastics also sends them into the air. If the concentration of these chemicals becomes too high, it can lead to headaches, fatigue and trouble sleeping. You may notice that these symptoms disappear when you sleep somewhere else for a few days. We can help you by improving your home ventilation, allowing an exchange of fresh and stale air. Installing an air purification system in your home ductwork can also address the situation.

Viruses and Bacteria

Especially in the cold and flu season, you want to keep illness to a minimum. When viruses and bacteria are airborne, they can easily pass from one family member to the next. By installing UV lights in your home comfort system ductwork, you can kill off viruses and bacteria before they become a problem. Improved ventilation can also help push these microorganisms out of your home.

For help with your heating, cooling and plumbing, Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing⁣ is the company to call in Sacramento. We are dedicated to keeping our clients comfortable throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more about our many home comfort solutions.

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