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Common Furnace Noises

A noisy furnace may rapidly disrupt your home’s peace and relaxation, but the good news is that furnace noises are frequently early warning signals of worse issues to come. First, our Sacramento HVAC Company describes common furnace noises to be aware of. 

What Common Furnace Noises Mean

Noisy furnace? Our Sacramento Furnace Replacement experts are here to help. First, we advise that you always use caution when troubleshooting a furnace, especially if the issue appears to be linked to the gas line in any manner. When the remedy entails more than simply changing the air filter or tightening a few screws that are easily accessible, contact our furnace repair professionals to get things back on track.

common furnace noises 

1. Banging or Popping at the Start-Up

As it starts up, you may hear a furnace popping, booming, or banging, similar to an engine misfiring.  Our Sacramento heating repair experts explain that this is unusual. For an oil or gas furnace, it might indicate that the burner is failing to attain a hot enough temperature to consume the fuel. This causes fuel to accumulate, and when the burner heats up sufficiently, the surplus gas or oil is ejected.

Do you hear any popping or banging when the unit shuts down? In such instance, you might be hearing ducts pop as they expand and compress in response to temperature fluctuations. If the situation is too bothersome to live with, search furnace services near me to enlist some help. 

2. Squealing in the Dry

When belts or bearings need to be lubricated or replaced, they make a screeching sound. Call a Sacramento furnace repair specialist to take care of this since it is more involved than you would believe. To remove filth and look for damaged or failing parts, the furnace will require cleaning and a fast tune-up.

3. Rumbling or Rattling

To troubleshoot a rattling or rumbling furnace, we must first determine the cause of the problem. Loose debris, faulty ducting, a damaged fan blade, or more significant motor difficulties are all possible causes.

4. Clicking Sounds

A clicking furnace gets grating quickly, but it’s important to be aware of the problem. Our Sacramento HVAC techs explain that clicking noises are often produced by the ignition or heat exchanger. In any case, you’ll want to have furnace repairs as soon as possible. If those components are in good operating order, you may only a furnace tune-up to prevent nuts, bolts, and other fixtures from clicking.

5. Vibrating or Whistling

Persistent whistling usually indicates that the air intake or air filter is blocked or dislodged, which causes the flowing air to generate noise. However, if you hear whistling or vibrating sounds coming from the vents, the ductwork may be loose and enabling air to escape. A thorough examination of the airflow system can reduce noise and perhaps enhance furnace performance.

Get Furnace Repair in Sacramento

Is your loud heater keeping you from relaxing or sleeping well? Our furnace repair team in Sacramento are ready to assist you with a rapid remedy. Contact Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing today.