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Do I Really Need an AC Tune-Up?

Many homeowners ask, “Is an HVAC tune-up worth it?” or “Is an AC tune-up really necessary?” 

Your HVAC System does a ton for you and your family. It works hard to keep you cool during the Sacramento summers and warm in the cold winter months. Regular HVAC tune-ups will help guarantee that your system can keep up with the demands placed on it, extend its usable life, and even help you avoid certain costly repairs.

Why You Need to Get Routine AC Tune-Ups

Of course, you’re aware that you should schedule Sacramento HVAC maintenance, but why? Gilmore has been serving HVAC units in Sacramento since 1973, and our experience teaches us that HVAC and AC units need regular maintenance to enjoy the following advantages.

Reduced Energy Costs

When your HVAC system receives regular maintenance, it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat or cool your home, which reduces how long the system has to run each day. Less operation time means less energy spent, which can result in significant savings on your monthly energy expenditures.

Energy.gov, also known as the EPA, confirms that neglecting necessary AC maintenance will “ensure a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.”

Save Money on Future Repairs

Catching and repairing small repairs, such as cracked heat exchangers or blown fuses, can help avoid more significant problems from developing in the future. When a part starts performing below standard, more strain is put on other components, which can wear them out faster. 

Regular tune-ups for your HVAC system can lower the likelihood of an expensive failure by up to 95 percent. By catching problems before they become severe problems, regular maintenance can save you a significant amount of money on future repairs you would have had to do. Significantly reducing expensive failures and saving money makes HVAC tune-ups worth it. 

Improved Comfort and Reliable Performance

Regular maintenance can fix minor issues before they become major ones, which assists with ensuring that your system continues to function correctly. For example, maintenance can help your system circulate cold or warm air more evenly throughout your home. This can help maintain your home’s temperature and keep your family more comfortable all year.

Increased HVAC Life Expectancy

For air conditioners, failures begin to show around ten years. Maintaining your HVAC system increases the likelihood that it will last longer.

Consider HVAC maintenance as essential as going to the doctor for regular physicals or getting your car’s oil changed regularly. The better upkeep creates less strain on the major components and system, which lets the HVAC system work for longer than it would without tune-ups. 

Keep Your Warranty

If a manufacturer’s warranty still protects your new system, a repair claim may be denied if you can’t demonstrate that you’ve kept your system in good working order. HVAC inspections are critical to the effective operation of the systems. 

Many manufacturers include language in their warranties indicating that the guarantee will only be upheld if a professional maintains the equipment. If your equipment encounters an unexpected and costly breakdown while under contract, the cost of a tune-up will be well worth it.

Enhance Air Quality

Tune-ups can help reduce the amount of dust, pet dander, and other allergens in the air in your house. Keeping your unit in good working order and changing the air filter regularly can assist in trapping more of these particles.

Keeping your air free of these larger particles and allergens will significantly reduce seasonal allergy symptoms and improve your breathing. 


The professional technician performing maintenance may help prevent something hazardous from occurring on your property. If your heating system fails in subzero weather, for example, your pipes may freeze and explode.

In addition, HVAC units can occasionally leak carbon monoxide. Checking for suspected leaks is part of your HVAC checkup.

When Should I Have My HVAC System Tuned-Up?

Depending on the age of your system, you should schedule Sacramento HVAC tune-ups one to two times per year. 

Ideally, HVAC inspections should be conducted at the start of the spring and fall seasons. The spring and fall are when temperatures change, causing your HVAC system to go from heating to cooling or vice versa.

By scheduling maintenance before your system needs to be used, our technicians can look for problems, clean components, and ensure nothing happened over the inactive season, like damage from nesting animals or an accidental break in an electrical wire. 

Scheduling HVAC tune-ups before the AC or furnace needs to be used ensures the best efficiency and performance. 

How Much Does an AC Tune-Up Cost?

A central AC maintenance tune-up in the United States will typically cost somewhere between $85 and $200. AC units that receive regular maintenance work probably won’t have as much to fix, whereas if you haven’t had a tune-up in years, there will probably be multiple problems that will require addressing.

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