heater repair in placerville

When your heater is broken, you probably only have one thing on your mind: getting it fixed fast! After all, having a broken heater is a real downer, and it can even be dangerous on some of the coldest winter nights. When your heater isn’t working well, call us at Gilmore. We’ll come out, assess the situation, and get things working again for you just as fast as we can.

If your furnace stops heating entirely, it’s easy to know that it’s time to get it fixed. After all, you have to have heat! However, many furnaces will give you some hints that they need some work before they die completely. Here’s what you should look for.

  • Your furnace makes banging or clanging noises. While furnaces can be loud, most of the sound is of a motor running and air blowing. If you hear anything else, it’s time to have the professionals come take a look.
  • Your furnace blows lukewarm air. You want the air coming out of your vents to be as warm as possible, or your heater will struggle to heat your home. If the air isn’t warm enough, you’ll have to run your furnace constantly. This wastes energy and puts extra strain on your furnace.
  • You keep turning your thermostat up. Your heater should be able to maintain one temperature once you set it. If you have to keep cranking the thermostat just to stay warm, your heater probably needs some work.
  • Your vents have very weak airflow. You should have plenty of airflow in order to effectively heat your home. If you don’t have this, your heater will have to work extra hard or it won’t heat well at all.
  • Your vents blow dust and debris into your home. The ductwork should be an enclosed system, effectively keeping most particles out of airflow. If your vents are making a mess, the system needs some help somewhere.

If you’re not sure how well your heater is functioning, call us for heater maintenance, too. We’ll take a look at the whole system, test some things, replace a filter if you need it, and let you know how everything is working. Even if it turns out that all is well, regular tune-ups can keep your heater running well for years to come. In fact, some manufacturers require them in order to keep your warranty valid.

If we assess your furnace and we think it’s in your best interests, we might talk to you about replacing it instead of repairing it. Sometimes, repairs cost more than a new furnace would, or we can take a look and tell that there are more costly repairs in your near future. We want to be as straightforward with you as possible, so we’ll tell you what we find and let you choose the best course of action for you and your family.

When you choose a new heater instead of a heater repair, we’ll help make sure you get the right one. We’ll assess your needs, taking into account the size of your home, the number of people who live there, and more. Then, we’ll help you select the heater that will be best for you. We’ll oversee ordering it and having it delivered, and then we’ll install it as the manufacturer requests.

When you call us at Gilmore, you’re calling HVAC techs that a lot of people in your area have trusted for many years. In fact, some people won’t call anyone else with their heating problems! There’s no heater problem too big or too small for our experienced technicians, so call us the next time you need a heater repair.