At Gilmore we run through a 30 point inspection and tune up to make sure you and your system are ready for the heat. Call us or fill out the form to schedule your appointment today.

✔ Check air filter condition
✔ Check thermostat
✔ Check and adjust blower speeds if applicable
✔ Check air flow static pressure and temperature
✔ Inspect ductwork for leaks and general condition
✔ Inspect electrical wiring
✔ Check blower rated amps to today’s readings
✔ Check blower capacitor if applicable
✔ Check evaporator condition and metering device
✔ Inspect safety pan under coil for water and general condition
✔ Ensure condensate drain is clear
✔ Perform safety inspection on the air handler
✔ Check heat strips if applicable
✔ Check refrigerant charge level
✔ Inspect refrigerant service fittings for leaks
✔ Check reversing valve for proper operation if applicable
✔ Inspect the service disconnect and fuses
✔ Oil outside motor if applicable
✔ Check contactor for pitting and burns
✔ Tighten all accessible wiring connections
✔ Compare compressor rated amps to today’s readings
✔ Compare outdoor fan rated amps to today’s readings
✔ Inspect fan blade
✔ Check safety controls
✔ Check the outdoor coil
✔ Check compressor capacitor
✔ Check outdoor fan motor capacitor if applicable
✔ Inspect compressor start kit if applicable
✔ Clean electrical compartment of dirt and insects
✔ Wash the condenser coil