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Fire Season Indoor Air Quality Tips

Fire season is here, Sacramento. If you’ve looked out a window in the previous few weeks, you’ve seen the golden-red tint to the light that signifies forest fire season has arrived. As a result, the entire coast is experiencing smoky, foggy air. Today, our HVAC Sacramento team discusses fire season indoor air quality. 

Fire Season Indoor Air Quality Tips & Tricks

The most serious worry, however, is not the appearance of the air, but what it may do to your health. Today on the blog, our Sacramento HVAC Company shares fire season indoor air quality tips to keep your family safe.

Smoke may enter your home in numerous ways, such as open doors, windows, and more. However, there are ways to keep smoke out of your home.

fire season indoor air quality tips

Keep Windows and Door Shut

Try to keep the most visible entrance points to your house as close as possible. Our Sacramento AC Maintenance company explains that if you don’t have air conditioning, the EPA suggests utilizing fans instead of opening windows when your region is impacted by wildfire smoke.

Limit Swamp Cooler Use

Evaporative coolers use outside air to assist cool the home. However, during a fire emergency, consider visiting a Cool Zone instead of utilizing a swamp cooler. Or, our Sacramento AC Replacement technicians suggest using it as little as possible. 

Close Fresh Air Intake Vent on Window ACs

If your air conditioner has a recirculation setting, utilize that instead of outdoor “fresh” air. This also applies to central air systems: if there is a fresh air circulation option, consider temporarily turning it off.

Avoid Making Fires Outside

During wildfires, it is not a good idea to add to the smoke by burning or cooking outside. Recreational fires and smoker grills, for example, might aggravate the air quality for you and your neighbors.

Purchase an Indoor Air Filter

During a fire, we suggest utilizing interior air purifiers on the highest setting available. If you have a filtration system in your central air system, turn the fan to the maximum setting to move the air particles that have accumulated and help get them out.

Avoid Being Active Outdoors

If there’s ever a reason not to work out hard, especially outside, it’s during a smoke event. Cardiovascular activity increases the quantity of air you breathe into your lungs, so take a break day if there are major wildfires.

Stay Safe

We’re here for you during this uncertain time, Sacramento. If you have any questions at all about indoor air quality, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook today to stay updated on our tips and tricks for handling fire season.