How to Save On Your AC Bill

Staying cool in Sacramento doesn’t have to be expensive. Now that some of us are beginning to turn on our AC’s, our Sacramento HVAC Experts cover how to save on your AC bill.

Different Ways To Save On Air Conditioning Costs

According to official energy predictions, American homes will spend $422 on power in June, July, and August. And a large portion of the money will be used to run the air conditioner in the summer.

What’s new? There are methods to reduce cooling costs without breaking the bank. Below, our AC Maintenance Sacramento team shares some ideas for lowering your power cost.

The Greenery Around The House

Planting leafy trees around your house will help shade it and make it cooler. The sun directly heats a home by beaming on the roof or via windows. Thus, our air conditioning company Sacramento shares that towering trees on the south and wide trees on the west and east. If you have a wide window facing east or west, you’ll get lots of morning and afternoon sun from low in the sky. At the same time, the sun is high in the sky to the south. Buying a tall tree is worth the additional money if you plant it correctly. We do live in the city of trees, after all!

Covering The Windows

The DOE estimates that 76 percent of sunshine hits windows as heat on a hot day. Energy can be captured by solar screens or mesh-like window screens. Window screens work well on windows facing east or west. If you can install them outside, do so. That would stop it before it got through the glass. It beats everything you can do indoors.

Window films are also cost-effective. Metalized sheets reflect heat before it passes through glass. Using anything reflecting like white or silver will block it from passing through the glass. The window films operate only when windows are closed, whereas solar screens work even when windows are open.

Make Your Thermostat “Smart”

The DOE advises maintaining the thermostat seven to ten degrees higher for eight hours if no one is home throughout the day.

The DOE advises keeping the thermostat at 78°F when at home and not dropping it too low when gone all day. That doesn’t help cool your home faster and might result in overcooling and a higher monthly power cost.

Set the AC fan speed to high, except on particularly humid days, says the DOE. Set the fan to low on humid days. Why? More moisture is removed from the air, improving indoor comfort.

Switch to a programmed or “smart” thermostat if you haven’t already. Smart thermostats help you keep your house at a suitable temperature, and many can be controlled remotely.

The thermostat’s position is also vital. The DOE recommends mounting it on an inside wall away from direct sunlight, drafts, entrances, skylights, and windows.

Also, avoid blocking AC vents with furniture or drapes.

Ceiling Fan Installation 

If you can turn on ceiling fans upstairs and open the windows below. If you live in a one-story home or apartment, close windows near the fan and open windows far away from it, the DOE says. The goal is to move air within.

Keep your AC Up To Date

Inefficient AC boosts cooling bills. Sacramento AC maintenance is critical.

Start by cleaning or changing your air conditioner’s filter every two months throughout the summer. Filters may need to be cleaned or replaced more frequently if there is a lot of dust or dogs.

A dirty or clogged filter restricts airflow and affects efficiency. Keep the filter clean and the unit level for efficient condensation drainage.

The evaporator and condenser coils also gather dust and need cleaning. The coils on the exterior condenser might catch leaves and twigs. The DOE suggests cutting trees surrounding the unit and cleaning up around the condenser.

Make sure the coil fins aren’t bent and obstructing airflow. If your air conditioner is outdated, inefficient, or requires a tune-up, call a professional.

Stop The Leaks

A drafty home wastes energy. The DOE advises visually inspecting the home for gaps, cracks, and holes that let air in and out. While windows and doors are obvious suspects, other sources for leaks include the home’s foundation and the outside brick or siding.

Hire a professional specialist to do an energy audit on your home. An expert can discover energy-wasting leaks and inform you where extra insulation is required.

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When it comes to the cost of your everyday bills we constantly try to make it our goal to constantly keep our bills down. Nobody wants to have a bill that skyrockets throughout the summer. Follow a few of these ideas to help that AC bill of yours to stay lower.  If you are in need of an AC upgrade or update reach out to our team in Sacramento today. We are here to help in any way that we can. Follow us on Facebook today!