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Causes of Slab Leaks

You are probably unaware of the vast number of water and sewer lines that run beneath the foundation of a home. These pipes connect to the main water supply and sewerage systems in your community. Although the pipes in your slab foundation are meant to supply water to your fixtures without issue, as your house ages, the pipes may begin to corrode and split. When a pipe in your slab foundation is damaged, detecting the indicators of a water leak might be difficult or impossible. Today on the blog, our Sacramento Plumbers share the most common causes of slab leaks.

What is a Slab Leak?

Houses are constructed on a slab, which is a solid concrete base. Water, sewage, and gas pipes are all built into one block of concrete, which is designed to bring water to your home. Our Plumbing contractor Sacramento
pretty uncommon for cracks and holes to appear in the pipes. When a pipe right beneath your slab foundation is damaged, the water inside the pipes may begin to leak.

Unfortunately, the moisture will be absorbed by the surrounding soil, causing the earth to become unsettled. The concrete slab foundation will begin to crack and decay if the earth beneath your property becomes too moist and unstable. If you don’t fix the leak in your concrete slab right away, your house’s foundation will begin to shift. Your house’s flooring and walls will crack or collapse as a result of this.

Causes of a Slab Leak Sacramento

What Causes a Slab Leak?

To start, here in California, Earthquake vibrations in the ground might cause serious damage to the pipes in the concrete slab beneath your home. Our Sacramento plumbing services explain although slab leaks are not possible as pipes beneath the ground begin to decay, seismic vibrations force junctions between pipes to loosen. Furthermore, ground movement can cause cracks and holes to grow in pipelines.

Our Sacramento plumbers explain that if you hear noises in your home that seem like running water, you may have a slab leak. A hot patch on your house’s floor, on the other hand, indicates a leak in a hot water line. Mold and mildew may appear on your home’s floors, walls, and ceiling if a leak develops in your slab foundation.


The movement of water in your foundation pipes might cause them to scrape against the concrete slab of your home as they circulate water to your appliances and sinks. Furthermore, the pipes may come into contact with other items such as gravel, mud, and other pipes. When a pipe rubs against a concrete foundation, the overall amount of friction increases, causing damage to the pipe’s exterior.  Additionally, our Toilet repair Sacramento says a water leak will emerge near your slab foundation if the exterior of your pipe walls gets too thin.

High-Pressure Water

The pipes beneath your slab foundation may break or collapse due to high water pressure. Dripping faucets and rattling noises when the water is turned on are common signs of high water pressure. Purchase a water pressure gauge to determine if your home’s water pressure is excessive. This gauge is designed to measure the pressure in your water lines in pounds per square inch (PSI).

Water Bills That Are Higher Than Usual 

An excess amount of water will start to flow from your pipes and be absorbed by the ground once a water leak starts beneath the ground of your property. If a slab leak is not repaired quickly by a professional technician, the overall cost of your water bill will rise. This is because you are constantly losing water due to a fracture in your pipe.

Water Pressure Is Low

A substantial amount of water will escape before it reaches your sink or shower if a leak develops beneath your concrete foundation. Low water pressure in your home could be caused by this type of water leak. When all of your sinks and fixtures are turned off, you’ll notice a considerable drop in water pressure, which could indicate a pipe break near your foundation.

Wet Carpets

Wood floors are the type of floor material that is most likely to be harmed by a water leak. When a pipe beneath your floors is damaged, the water from the leak will ascend into your living space. The wood flooring will begin to warp and discolor if the slab leak is not repaired promptly.

A pipe leak, on the other hand, could cause irrevocable harm to your carpet. Dark patches and dampness in your carpet are common symptoms of a plumbing leak. Examine the odor of the dampness in your carpet before assuming that you have a leak in your slab foundation. A spilt drink or an accident from your pet may have produced the wetness.

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