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Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

As the years pass and your furnace ages, you may start to notice some natural wear and tear or a dip in efficiency. This is completely normal and expected, especially if your furnace is over ten years old. Once you’ve had your heating unit for over 12 or so years, you may begin to wonder if you should repair or replace the furnace.

There is no definite answer, only that it may be best to replace the unit if you start to notice more and more problems regarding your furnace’s operation or the costs to maintain it. However, before making any rash decisions, take the time to inspect your furnace to figure out what issues it’s facing and if it’s worth it to have them repaired.

Furnace Repair vs. Furnace Replacement 

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While various homeowners across the nation may have bought and installed the same brand and style of furnace, everyone’s heating requirements are different depending on their home size, use, installation method, and more. There is no hard rule on electric or gas furnace repair or replacement, but it’s worth the time and money to look into various aspects of your unit to determine the next steps.

Age of Your Furnace

With proper heating maintenance services, your standard furnace can last anywhere between 15 to 20 years. Around the 10th or 12th year, its efficiency can really start to nosedive, which is why you need to take proper care of your unit. If you have neglected furnace maintenance or have not addressed your furnace’s issues in a timely manner, it may be best to replace the entire unit as it will be more cost-effective.

Even with proper maintenance, the efficiency of a 20-year-old furnace is not as good as one that’s ten years old or younger. So, if you’re contemplating whether you should repair or replace a 20-year-old furnace, you should have it replaced if it’s not running as reliably as it used to.

Cost of Maintaining Your Furnace

Another thing you should consider to keep your costs under control is how much you’re spending on repairs for your current furnace. If you have had your furnace serviced multiple times over the past year and are still experiencing issues from time to time, you’ll benefit from a new furnace rather than your current one.

While the cost to replace a furnace is more money upfront than repairs, if you take proper care of your new furnace, you can extend its lifespan, lower the need for costly repairs, ensure furnace safety, and save more money in the long run. Take some time to look at the numbers, explore financing options and coupons, and then speak to a professional.

Negative Change in Energy Bills

As the temperature outside starts to get colder and colder, you may start to rely on your furnace more and more by cranking the thermostat up. If there are problems with your unit, it will start to compensate by working harder. This extra force can lead to your energy bills going up, even if the furnace isn’t providing adequate heat to your home.

Not having adequate heat in your home can leave you uncomfortable. While this may be attributed to a problem with your air ducts, your furnace may cause an increase in energy bills. Upgrading to a new furnace can help you save more money by lowering your energy bills and avoiding the cost of unnecessary repairs.

You Hear Strange Noises

If you’re still unsure whether you should repair or replace a 12-year-old furnace, listen to how it operates. Since older furnaces have to work harder to provide you with heat, you may start to notice unusual noises coming from the unit. If you notice a rattling, popping, or pounding noise coming from your system, it may be time to upgrade.

These noises mean that various components are not functioning properly, which can negatively impact your unit’s performance. When you hear these noises coming from your equipment, it’s best to have them addressed right away, as they can lead to more serious problems down the road.

There Are Foul Smells

One of the most serious problems your furnace can experience is a gas leak or other smells. If your furnace smells like gas or is emitting other foul odors, you need to have a professional technician examine it immediately. Serious gas leaks, smoke from electrical issues, and other smells can be extremely dangerous. If you smell gas, turn your furnace off, leave your house, and call the fire department and a professional HVAC technician.

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If you want to avoid multiple costly repairs, a thorough assessment of your heating system will assist decide what repairs, if any, are required to keep your furnace operating at peak efficiency this winter. The last thing you want is to discover that your furnace requires extensive repairs or replacement when the temperature has already dropped below zero. Contact Gilmore Heating Air and Plumbing today to get your system serviced.