Sacramento Residents Report Sky High Gas Bills in Wake of Gas Leaks

Last Wednesday, PG&E detected what it described as a “high-pressure problem” in a natural gas regulator in Folsom. As a consequence, natural gas leaks developed throughout eastern Folsom, prompting as many as 80 surveyors to fan out across the area in order to find and fix the leaks. As of last count, more than 60 leaks had been found and repaired.

As repairs were being carried out, multiple homeowners in Folsom and Fair Oaks reported that they had received natural gas bills that were much higher than normal. Some individuals reported that their bills had tripled in the space of one month.

A spokesman for PG&E released a statement in which they claimed that the increases were the result of price hikes that occurred in August 2016 and January 2017, amounting to a 13% increase, as well as a surcharge that had been instituted for high volume users. However, this doesn’t seem to account for the extreme increases that many are reporting, ranging from an increase of 35% reported by one person in the Fox 40 report linked above, while another homeowner alleged that the gas bill for her home in Folsom had increased from $80 to over $300.

Obviously, the suspicion among many residents is that the natural gas leaks are being factored into their gas bills, but it’s difficult to say whether it will be possible to find any evidence for this. However, the controversy has escalated to the point where one state lawmaker, Senator Jerry Hill, has stated that he wants to launch an investigation of the Public Utilities Commission.

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